Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015: A Year of Progress on ArchivesSpace-Archivematica-DSpace Workflow Integration

Greetings and Happy New Year to one and all!

As we're still in the first week of 2016, we hope you'll allow us to cast one last glance back at 2015.  The past year has been one of intense effort on the part of our Mellon grant team.  From the three-day site visit by Evelyn McLellan and Justin Simpson of Artefactual Systems last January through our presentations at SAA and iPRES to our exploration of ASpace digital object records and PREMIS rights crosswalks, we've had our noses to grindstone!

We've been thrilled with the interest and engagement of our peers in the project and this blog in particular; thanks to everyone who's read or commented (and please keep the feedback coming)!

Based upon page views, here are the most popular posts from the past year—please take a moment to check them out (and get ready, because best is yet to come!):
  1. The Work of Appraisal in the Age of Digital Reproduction
  2. Hello World!
  3. Dystopia and Digital Preservation: Archivematica's Character Flaws (and Why We're OK with Them)
  4. Advocacy and Born-Digital Archives
  5. The Mythical Man-Month: What ArchivesSpace Isn't (and Why That's OK)
  6. Digital Objects and ArchivesSpace
  7. Normalizing Dates with OpenRefine
  8. Order from the chaos: Reconciling local data with LoC auth records
  9. Git-Flow for Archival Workflows
  10. Digital Preservation is for People: An Archivist's Take on the Digital Humanities
Happy reading and here's to an exciting and productive 2016!

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