Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Ingest Entity at the Bentley Historical Library

The other night I gave a guest lecture for a University of Michigan School of Information course Mike is teaching on "Digital Preservation." The session was nominally titled "SIPs and File Format Identification," but the focus was on "Ingest" more broadly, including what ingest means here at the Bentley Historical Library, some examples of real-world SIPs and AIPs (current and future!) and a little checksum calculation exercise--because who doesn't like checksum calculation exercises?

At the heart of the presentation is the following diagram that documents our current ingest strategy and a [relatively] current version of our workflow. It's a useful reference Nancy and Mike put together a couple years ago that I don't think we've featured here before.
BHL Digital Processing Workflow

Here are the slides if you're interested!

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